Phoenix Academy is a football academy for girls aged 4-16 at True Arena in Hua Hin. Origin In June, 2019 the Thai national team suffered a devastating 13-0 loss to the U.S. at the Women’s World Cup. A group of football coaches and sports industry professionals in Hua Hin got together to discuss the defeat, and what could be done to improve the level of the women’s game in Thailand.


The Phoenix Academy was launched with the aim of helping women’s football in Thailand to rise ‘like a phoenix from the flames’ after the humiliation of the 2019 WWC. The concept is simple, a grass roots academy in a central location which offers affordable training to girls.


The Phoenix Academy’s mission is to introduce as many girls as possible to the sport of football and give them the opportunity to nurture their skills in a fun and friendly environment. There are over ten boy’s academies in Hua Hin, but this will be the first academy to be dedicated to growing the girl’s game.


The Phoenix Academy’s ambition is to have teams at all the appropriate age groups competing regularly in either football or futsal. The percentage of players who will go on to represent the country at a national level is small, but the more girls who are given the opportunity to play football from an early age the more chance there is that Hua Hin can produce a future star.